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You know I never really quite understood why the saying "hell in a handbasket" used a handbasket. I mean what is a hand basket anyway? Is it a basket with a handle that we can hold with our hand or is it a special kind of basket that makes hell less fearful? Unless I took the time today to google this I would never know but today, I don't want to see anymore news. I am sick to my stomach. My body hurts. Two mass shootings in two cities the last two days and a questionable police shooting in my city Saturday night. Folks, I am mad as hell! I feel sick and I am mad! Being an empath, I hurt and ache for the pain our country is in, for the pain parents, siblings, and families are feeling today. And it just doesn't stop. I feel like I've had a butt load of crap shoved down my throat and I just can't breathe. My heart cries out wondering why we are hurting each other. Have some of us just lost ourselves to the extent that we seek merciless revenge on whomever has somehow offended us by merely using the same air? I have tried for so long to shine my light brighter, to be a beacon of hope somehow and to hold on to the collective conscious of love. feels like the collective consciousness is changing with the speed of light. I will continue to stoke my light brighter more fierce than ever, because this handbasket isn't big enough to hold me.

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