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The holidays aren't always merry

We are in full blown winter solstice, the holidays, and winter break. Societal tradition states that this is typically a time for family gatherings, gift giving and joy. I am always mindful of those folks who fall into depression around this time of year as not everyone has a welcoming family. There are also some folks who return home and have to hide their true selves feeling pressure to perform or to not be found out. We all can guess that where there is family, there is some kind of dysfunction and it is incredibly hard to handle this at times. Not everyone feels the love and belonging of family or the joy in the holiday season.

With excommunication or distance, feelings of isolation can be unbearable.

I propose this to be a time of self care for you! If not going to that celebration feels right or safe, then listen to your intuition. Rewrite what this end of the annual chapter looks like for you. Take a road trip, go somewhere warm, meet with friends who are safe and loving, volunteer your time in service to another. There are things to do in your own neighborhood as well. Cook more food and bring some to your elderly neighbor, or have a baked goods night and share the wealth. If you are someone who struggles with the holidays, honor your feelings, journal, or find a therapist to process your feelings with so you don't have to shoulder this alone.

First and foremost, please know that I am thinking of you. I am sending you love and light and strength because you are lovable just as you are. I honor you and believe in you!!

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